Sunday, November 4, 2012

App for That #8: My Story

App:My Story for the iPad

Cost: 1.99 US

Grade Level:Kindergarten to grade 5

What it does: My Story allows the user to create a story by drawing it.  They can also upload photos and either leave them as is or draw over them.  Once a student has created a page, they can add text and/or record their voice to tell their story.  When they are finished their book, they can read it in My Books, or in iBooks on your computer, or it can be e-mailed to others to read or embedded in a blog.  

How's the App: I really like this app because it differentiates story making.  It allows students with a variety of strengths to use the app in a way that suits them best.  If a student prefers writing over drawing, they can use photographs rather than drawings in the story.  Students who are reluctant writers but still have a story to tell can draw their pictures and record their text, rather than writing it.  Students at all levels can read each others books in a way that suits them, if you have pictures, text and recording within a book.  My Story also offers options for students when they are drawing such as colour, line thickness and shape.  There are some options without it becoming overwhelming.  This is an app that I will definitely use with my students.

What it could be used for: Having students create stories that can be shared with others in the class, or with those from other classes.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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